What type of lawyer would you need if a competitor starts stealing your star employees or a breach of contract from a business partner? Would looking for a local popular lawyer provide a timely answer?

Chances are approaching the nearest high-rated lawyer may disappoint you when he/she says that the particular problem you’re currently facing is not up to his/her expertise or specialisation.

Lawyers nowadays have their specialisations and getting the right one for your particular need means knowing what they are. It means that the smartest thing to de-stress and save yourself a lot of trouble is to know the types of lawyers suited for your legal needs.

A lot of wear and tear can be avoided when you know the right type of lawyer to focus on.

Transactional or Litigation Lawyer

The term “business lawyer” is a broad category that many business owners assume is perfect for their needs. However, two exclusive categories are with business lawyers, namely:

  • Transactional lawyer
  • Litigation lawyer

A business litigation lawyer is a type you need when you want to sue or being sued for breach of contract. A litigation lawyer can represent your interests in court to sue or represent you from a breach of contract lawsuit.

A transactional lawyer, on the other hand, is the best partner to have when you want your business to thrive and grow. He/she will be there to help you set up your business, issue stock, create your non-disclosure and employment agreements, and even help look for additional funding. This type of lawyer does not go to court unlike the role of a litigation lawyer.

Real Estate Lawyer

Anything that concerns rights with structure, water, and the land falls under the expertise of real estate lawyers. Instances, where you need to have an easement carved out, or having your property being asserted by a lien need help from a real estate lawyer. A real estate lawyer is also the ideal partner to have when you face problems such as moving a boundary line, dividing a single lot into two or more properties, or need zoning classification changes.

Family Lawyer

The family lawyer is the legal expert to have in your corner when:

  • Draw a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage to ensure that, in case of a divorce, you keep half of everything you own
  • You want to file for divorce
  • You don’t want to give in to increased spousal support demand from your ex-wife
  • You want custody of your children

A family lawyer is the one you need when your legal issues involve family obligations, affairs, and relationships.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Prosecuting lawyers using the state to charge you with doing a crime is considered a criminal case. A criminal defense lawyer is a legal expert to have when you’re arrested and taken into custody after being read your Miranda rights. The “not guilty” charge will always be the top priority your hired criminal defense lawyer will work for your case.

Looking for a lawyer as the need arises can be stressful and challenging. However, it becomes a win-win situation when you know the right lawyer to answer the current legal problem you’re facing. Visit us at Attwood Marshall Lawyers in Gold Coast to learn how we can help with your legal issues.


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