If you are in Brisbane or from within its suburbs and you have a suspicion that your spouse or girlfriend is cheating on you, then you should not wait any longer, take measures accordingly for you to get facts at hand and clear doubts with the assistance of a private investigator. A private investigator will be responsible to unveil to you facts of the matter with solid based evidence and findings that are guaranteed so that when you decide to swallow the bitter bill for a good reason, you won’t regret it. If it means tracking your spouse’s car so that you know every move they make, then private investigators will fix this in place, their sophisticated tracking tools will provide you all the information you need to know in front of your table. Unravel the secrets by hiring a private investigator who will give you a leg forward in matters concerning your spouse so that you can easily connect between the dots to ascertain one hundred percent surety before making delicate decisions that will affect your life drastically.


How private investigators operate

Private investigators perform their daily duties in several ways bundled to form a product for you. Some of their services, for example, maybe custom designed to suit your case and other products may be cross-cutting that can apply to contemporary case scenarios presented by a majority of their clients on a day to day basis. Private investigator’s services call for professionalism due to the sensitive nature of their services and handling and disseminating sensitive information on behalf of their clients.




If you are in a large firm or a small unit, private investigators deploy their services into the premises without notice by the latter. But depending on the nature of the investigation at hand, the duration of the investigation may vary, their end goal is to unravel the first-hand facts of any case that can stand the test of time and the test of the law. If you are a CEO or a business manager and suspect that there may be rogue staff – the moles, it is high time you hire private investigators who may take a month or more following the leads before they reach a conclusion. They will hand over the results of an investigation that are water-tight and time-proof that sheds light on questions beyond reasonable doubts.




The spy products are designed to give clients info on the fly and without the need to hire an investigator. Spy products include the use of secret cameras, listening devices, secret transmitters, smartphone spyware, and monitoring software

Phone number investigation

If you have a suspicion on a number on your spouse’s call log, do yourself a favour, note the number down and present the number to the private investigation firm and expect a detailed report within 24 hours.

Background check

Private investigators are equipped with search engines that can crawl over one hundred dating and social sites mega databases. Be a step ahead to know all-round background info about your prospective clients, employees, spouse and more. Know their criminal records status before entering into a commitment with any of them, all though this may lead to a bridge into their privacy rights and infringement, you stand in a better position when you know.

Locate someone long gone

If you have a long-time friend, give them a lead, and they will bring both of you in contact soon.

Brisbane private investigators – Grainger Investigations can help you carry out covert tasks.


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